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SYNCSENSE is an R&D company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We run and develop a proprietary virtual reality software platform and a connected intelligent sensor to support the treatment of age- and inactivity-related diseases. By revitalizing existing pedal systems and combining them with personalized virtual environments - we provide a solution that motivates and empowers patients to be more active. Specifically, we use the capabilities of immersive VR to synchronize the sense of embodiment across realities.

We are engineering a medical software platform to collect and analyze patient interactions in real-time with virtual objects in personalized virtual environments. The platform allows patients to quantify their own performance and track their improvement over time, allowing patients to take action on their condition from the hospital or home. By applying advanced data analytics we strive to ameliorate physical inactivity, prevent health deterioration and assist healthcare providers in clinical decision-making.

Our aim is to enhance healthy aging by shortening the days of hospitalization, prevent re-hospitalization and delay the onset of age- and inactivity-related diseases.

SYNCSENSE was founded in 2018 as a spin-out from a research startup in health informatics between the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark. Originally, we started in the life science incubator, SUND Hub which is a part of UCPH Innovation Hubs.

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