A journey journal of our important milestones, although all victories should be celebrated, some moments are especially notable and cited here.

U.S. NAM Award - 2020, October

Selected as international winners and receiving funding from U.S. National Academy of Medicine and its global collaborators. Chosen among +1500 applicants from 50 countries.

Securing funding - 2020, June

Selected as Scandinavian winners and receiving 50.000 EUR from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Patent filed - 2020, April

Patent filing date established

A top 3 University startup - 2019, December

Award nominated as a top 3 university startup within life science by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pilot study - 2019, December

Pilot study - 2019, December

Minimum viable product - 2019, August

Minimum viable product - 2019, August

Idea was born - 2018, April

The co-founding team started cultivating the idea with personal and professional motivation

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