We possess an entrepreneurial spirit and work from a lean startup approach which is anchored in a collaborative feedback loop split into three equally important portions, build, test and learn. The approach entails an iterative and agile software engineering process with short sprints and a rapid introduction of new or re-designed prototype features.


We combine participatory design with Nordic design aesthetics and agile software engineering to ensure a meaningful solution. This means we actively involve users in the design process.


We explore problems and needs through ethnographic field work. Ethnography is a powerful tool to make sense of the world and learn hereof. That is why we spend a lot of time at home with patients and in the clinic to understand everyday life and work.


We co-design with users rather than for users in our living lab. We learn by involving patients, clinicians, relatives, software engineers, research designers and decision-makers in the ongoing work of envisioning the future.


We practice iterative and agile software engineering in our VR lab. It allows us to do short sprints, rapidly introducing new or re-designed prototype features to patients and clinicians.


We prototype together with patients and clinicians and continue to adapt new or re-designed prototype features to fit their needs. We believe the key to innovation is to experiment and simply, try it out.

Data analytics 

We can help healthcare providers track improvement over time and prevent health deterioration as well as assist them in clinical decision-making. By applying advanced machine learning and data science on multiple data sources, we aim to develop new preventive and personalised models and algorithms to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs.

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