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We constantly strive to engage with researchers and clinicians to stay at the forefront of medical science and technology development. 


Pilot implementation (2019) of our system (prototype 0.2) in Gentofte Hospital – combining immersive VR technology and pedal systems to motivate and empower inactive elderly in-patients to be more active.

(study population size: Patients N = 39, clinicians N = 18)


Participatory IT project (2019), developing our system (prototype 0.1) and exploring the feasibility of our customized VR concept for inactive elderly in-patients at Gentofte Hospital.

(study population size: Patients N = 45, clinicians N = 12)


Ethnography (2018), exploring problems and needs through ethnographic field work at Gentofte Hospital – getting content understanding from patients and clinicians everyday life and work in a hospital. 

(study population size: Patients N = 20, clinicians N = 5). 


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