We help hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes to solve the problems with prolonged physical inactivity and sensory deprivation. We have a world-class solution to combat these neglected problems.  

Syncsense MoVR is a digital health product for activation, stimulation, and mobilisation of patients and citizens through the use of VR-based exergames. By combining sensor technology and VR, MoVR revitalizes exercise equipment with engaging virtual nature environments. MoVR makes monotonous and boring exercise equipment fun which in turn makes its users exercise more.

MoVR is a complete one-click plug and play system for VR-based exergaming. It is extremely simple to use and highly user-friendly, making it easy to implement. 



"These goggles made it more fun to exercise compared to my regularly scheduled rehabilitation, and I was surprised by the pain relief."

"MoVR could potentially reduce the length of hospitalisations and readmissions by combatting physical inactivity"

“Having worked with different VR products in rehab, I find MoVR unique because it is pure simple and easy-to-use. It makes my life easier as it makes boring indoor biking more motivating and fun for the patient”

"This is an entertaining way to exercise! It is fun and keeps me training, it has also made it possible for me to enjoy nature, which had been taken from me due to Covid-19 restrictions."

"MoVR helps increasing the quality of life for our residents through fun and engaging exercises in virtual nature environments – giving them an escape."

"…the increase in motivation and compliance leads to improvements in both mobility and mood and helps to maintain muscle mass."


VR headset

An all-in-one VR headset made of medical grade materials that can be sanitized with wipes.


A sensor to mount on exercise equipment enabling connection to the VR headset via Bluetooth 

VR Library

A library with sensory stimulating VR-based exergames. The different exergames consist of immersive audiovisual experiences with emphasis in nature and urban history.


An app that streams the VR content directly to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.


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